The UCP Creed



The doctrine of the United Church of Peace is embodied by the creed below.  If UCP's religion had to be described in only one word, then it would be simply "Love".  Note that if your beliefs differ from any of those described below, please consider being a part of UCP anyway. After all, each person has their own thoughts and viewpoints, and individual beliefs are definitely respected by UCP.




Undertake actions for peace, goodwill, acceptance, and respect toward others


1) Each person has the responsibility to promote and spread peace within their family, neighborhood, community, nation, and world.


2)  Peace cannot prevail until the vast majority of people respect others' differing religions and beliefs.  Thus, people need to consider it to be acceptable for others to have beliefs, opinions, cultures, choice of government, and values opposed to their own. Embrace that everyone thinks differently and is entitled to.  You can't stand in the shoes of another, so it's impossible for you to understand the factors which have made a person who they are (or a situation what it is). "Judge not."


3)  Each person should restrain any feelings of hatred and prejudice.  Each should speak out against expressions of hatred and prejudice, and attempt to reduce hatred and prejudice in the world.


Strive to attain, maintain, and share Inner Peace


4) The more people on our planet who have inner peace, the more peaceful our world will be. If you don't have inner peace, strive to attain it, maintain it, and share your inner peace as a growth tool for others.


Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Giving


5)  Each person needs to strive to love everyone to the greatest extent he or she can.  Each person also needs to love himself or herself.


6) One must forgive all other people and situations which have harmed him or her.  Forgiveness is essential for inner peace (which extends outward).  Each person also needs to forgive himself or herself for past mistakes (just try not to repeat them)


7) Each person needs to treat every person with as much kindness and compassion as possible.  Being kind and compassionate often requires giving.  


8) Through giving, loving, and practicing kindness toward others, a person enhances their own happiness as well as that of others.


Nonviolence and Avoidance of Wars


9) Life is extremely precious.  Life should be preserved and not destroyed in almost all cases


10) Violence is the worst possible solution to conflict; violence begets more violenceInitiating violence is never acceptable.  Self-defense involving violence is only justified if there's no other way to stop physical injury.  If force is unavoidable, then it should not be taken in excess of what is needed to stop an assault.  If there is knowledge that bystanders may be harmed by a plan for defense, then that plan should be changed to avoid harming bystanders.  


11) People have a responsibility to take reasonable action to protect others from being harmed and subjected to violence.


Live in harmony with our planet and all of the beings whom we share it with


12) There is one-ness and connection among all living beings everywhere.  Live in harmony to benefit yourself and all.


13)  Animals and the other living beings which share our planet with us should be treated humanely, compassionately, and with appropriate conservation and preservation as needed.   


14) People have a responsibility to take environmentally protective actions toward our environment.  It's a moral imperative to keep future generations from suffering as the result of our chosen actions and inactions affecting their environment.


Be Happy, and Spread Your Light to Others! 


15) Human beings are meant to be happy --to feel joy, laugh, experience pleasure, Fun, and have a balanced level of relaxing leisure and rest. Celebrate life! Don't hold back your happiness --or smiles, or hugs. And try to shine your light to others! By doing that, you will enhance others' happiness too, making it a happier world for all of us. :)


16) Maintain a positive mental attitude and outlook as frequently as you can. Look for what is good instead of bad in any person or situation. Avoid negativity.  Negative thoughts are detrimental to your own happiness --as well as others because we are all connected.


17) At all times, be tremendously grateful for whatever blessings you have at that time. It's a fact that sometimes life is extremely difficult. But during those times, try to find the silver lining; things could always be worse. Live in gratitude.


18) Although much improvement is needed, our world is nonetheless a wonderful place.  People are basically very good.  Our world is filled with marvelous things and countless blessings.  Love our world, and all of the good that is in it.


We Can Do It! (...if United!)


19) Considerably greater world peace is possible, and our world has the potential to be a virtually blissful place.  However, neither will happen unless people choose to make it happen, and a massive number unite and work together to achieve it.


20) Love is awesomely powerful, goodness is awesomely powerful, each person is awesomely powerful, and amazingly awesome feats can be accomplished if enough people join together.  


21) There's no better time than the present moment to begin transforming our lives and our world by living in accordance with the above doctrine and beliefs.

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