Fellowship Schedule

UCP Fellowships gather at individuals' homes and other pleasant, relaxing locations. 


To receive details for the date, time and location for the next scheduled fellowship, contact UCP at:


(501) 256-2233 or ""


If you'd also like to receive advance notifications for future scheduled fellowships, just send your request to above.


United Church of Peace greatly welcomes diversity for attendance by people of all walks of life, all religions and/or all belief systems. UCP's mission is to promote love, peace, respect, and acceptance among all. 


Come enjoy UCP's wonderful fellowships, make new friends and visit with old ones, and enjoy refreshments while we share our wisdom and guide eachother to help create a better world.  It would be great to have you join in! And feel free to share information with anyone regarding UCP, this website, and future fellowships. Thank you!  


Note:  Cash donations are not needed or accepted by UCP. If you wish to make a donation, please give it to the charity of your choice.  


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